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Belarus to Sell Petrol to Foreigners Only for Currency
жнів 12

Belarus to Sell Petrol to Foreigners Only for Currency

Belnaftakhim banned non-currency petrol sale to foreigners. “Pursuant to the authority of Belnaftakhim Chairman, provide under personal responsibility the implementation of fuel at border petrol stations to non-residents of the Republic of Belarus only for currency. There should be no fuel sale to cars with non-Belarusian numbers for Belarusian rubles,” said in the group’s provision.

Belarusnafta (Belarusneft) head management Syarhei Kamornikau signed this order on May 27. “If, in exceptional cases, drivers claim they are Belarusians, we must check their passports,” said the operator of Belneftekhim gas stations № 4 in Dobrush.

Inability to use the national currency in Belarus is a big surprise for most drivers. Some foreigners ask Belarusians to buy fuel for them in canisters and fill their cars outside petrol stations.

“A lot was taken out before the revaluation. Russians used to buy tons of fuel for cash. Now petrol is less trafficked due to a newly set CX rate,” said one of the petrol station workers, responsible for checking of car registration numbers.