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«Unborder your way»: training course took place in Lithuania
Ліст 11

«Unborder your way»: training course took place in Lithuania

From October 24 till 31 the training course «Unborder your way» took place in Lithuania. It was organisaed by Lithuanuan NGO Belarus Watch with the support of Erasmus+ program. 26 participants from different countries worked on such topics as migration issues, visas and public campaigning.

The main objective of the training was to provide the participants with theoretical basis and practical skills allowing them to understand deeper the questions of borders and migration.

The course lasted for one week and allowed the participants to gain knowledge from the experts in the fields of visa liberalisation processes, current migration situation in Europe, the methods of promotion of ideas and values with the help of public campaigns and projects.

Marta Cubajevaite, executive director of the National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform, was speaking on migration. In an interactive way, she introduced migration issues, tendencies and existing problems.

The Stefan Batory Foundation’s representative Krzysztof Mrozek prepared a workshop «Barriers for mobility: visas», focusing on the topic of visa regimes, their functioning and visa facilitation/liberalisation processes. The participants, were working on advocacy tools that can be used for advocating in the EU institutions and authorities of neighbouring states in favour of the idea of visa liberalisation.

A separate workshop on public campaigning was coordinated by former BY Watch activist, currently Green Party (Lithuania) political adviser, Tomas Tomilinas. Participants learned not only about the theory of campaigning and values behind campaigns, but were also given an opportunity to prepare their own campaign projects.

Among 26 participants were nationals of Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and France. Trainers were: Evgeniya Larikova (Belarus Watch) and Achiko Pholadashvili (Georgian Youth for Europe).

The project is Co-funded by the European Union